Psychometric Testing For The Right Career Choice

Many teenagers and school leavers are faced with the dreaded task of figuring out what exactly they want to do with the rest of their lives. That is of course, unless they already know where they’re going and what they want to be. Your career says so much about the type of person you are, and your career, as much as many won’t admit it, is dictated by your personality and behaviour, as much as your aptitude and intelligence.

What Is Tested as part of Psychometric testing?

Of course aptitude and intelligence are extremely important, as you need to have a grasp on the common factors surrounding a particular career, and the principles that are present. Unfortunately, aptitude and intelligence are not always enough these days. How you behave, act, react, and withstand stress are all things that affect your ability to perform certain tasks. You can be the most intelligent person at an interview but, if you don’t display the ability to interact in the way you should, you will never succeed in that position.

Teenagers and school leavers alike are making use, more and more, of psychometric testing to find out what they are specifically designed for. Psychometric testing for career choice is usually carried out by a trained career psychologist who is aware of how to carry out the tests, and how to correctly assess the results and offer adequate, useful feedback.

Aptitude and Intelligence

There are different areas of psychometric testing that are touched on in order to get a full grasp of what a particular student is capable of, or tends to prosper in. An aptitude test is usually the basis of any psychometric testing, as is the ability test. Numerical and verbal reasoning are carefully assessed as these are paramount in many careers. There are so many diverse tests that can be carried out, these can be broken down into things like diagrammatic reasoning tests, inductive reasoning tests, as well as abstract reasoning tests. Each is in place to test and identify characteristics of a particular area of ability, and each is as important as the next.

Behaviour and Personality Tests

Personality tests and behaviour tests are not directed at your intelligence or ability in any way, they simply gauge how you react to certain situations, what your tendencies are when working as part of a team, your leadership qualities and abilities, and of course the all important factor of how you deal with that pressure pot of stress we all deal with on a daily basis.

Grab The Bull By The Horns

If you decide to undergo psychometric testing in order to help you find the right career for you, you really need to go into the tests with an open-mind, and a hunger to find out who the real you is. Yes, of course, you will have an idea of what you want to be, and you may even be too stubborn to be told otherwise. Psychometric testing is not a test that will simply tell you if you got the right or wrong answer, there are no right or wrong answers, they will reveal where your strong points lie, and where you are weakest.

The work of a career psychologist is to analyse your objective, scientific results and to provide you with the career suited to your strengths. If you are passionate about another area of expertise, but you show weakness in that area, that is something you need to work on improving. Passion is sometimes all you need to succeed.

They physical psychometric test results are never simply taken at face value, each test is followed by a one-on-one personal discussion or interview if you like. The psychologist needs to evaluate who you are on a personal level, a more subjective level. They will ask questions about your living situation, your personal relationships, your dreams for the future, and what you are passionate about. These results will be carefully used in conjuction with the scientific results to point you towards what your should follow.

Of course, you must remember that nobody can tell you what you must do, nobody can dictate your future. If you have your mind set on another path, and you have true passion for it, nothing will take you from that path and the pursuit of success. You may be pleasantly suprised if the psychometric testing reveals things about you that you didn’t even know you could excel in. You have suppressed these things in your pursuit of what perhaps, society has dictated, or your parents have dictated, or peer pressure has dictated.

This is why it is so important to take this kind of testing, and the results produced, with an open-mind, and the need to have that insight into yourself. Sometimes you are so busy trying to fit into the mold, and in with the crowd, that you bury who you are deep within.

Don’t be afraid of this process, rather grasp it with both hands, and savor every piece of information it provides you with. Even if you don’t follow a career path that is recommended, you will realize where your downfalls are for pursuing your own ideals and goals. There is always room for progress, and you may find that if you re-take this test a few months down the line, that your results differ somewhat from what was originally revealed in the first test. As you begin to work with things on a daily basis, you will improve in areas where you were once weakest, if you are using them on a daily basis, of course.

Remember psychometric testing is a means of guiding you in the right direction, according to your skills, and your character. They are not there to tell you that you must do a certain job, or follow a certain career. Don’t be afraid to use your time with the career psychologist to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable, and for as much clarification as possible.

The career psychologist, with the aid of the psychometric testing process, are these to help you in any way you require it, it is not meant to be an uncomfortable process, or one that leaves you more confused than ever. Use the time wisely, and listen to the feedback with all ears.