10 Steps to Psychometric Success

Psychometric testing is a daunting thought for anybody, let alone a young school leaver or career seeker. It can be a frightening thought to think that your future may hand in the balance and depend on the results you produce from these tests. Stop right there! Psychometric testing is not in place in order to determine you life indefinitely, that is a misconception that need to be cleared immediately. This is a tool that can be so helpful to any career seeker. It offers your the assistance and guidance into determining where your abilities and aptitude are strong, and where your weaker factors may need work. Your behavioural and character traits are simply a marker of what kind of position you would be suited in, a leader, a follower, a team player, or one who prefers to work alone. There are certain things you can do to make yourself more comfortable with the idea of psychometric testing, and really understand how you can affect your own outcome, and in the long-term, your own future.

Find Out Exactly What Is Required For Your Career Of Choice

Each career is suited to particular character and behaviour traits, and certain levels of aptitude and ability. It is best to find out which factors are important for the career you have chosen, and work on improving those areas. Before your official test date, it is not a bad idea to research your career, or even call the career psychologist to discuss the characteristics which are necessary.

Psychometric Testing – Techniques

Psychometric testing is like no other test you have taken. Yes, you may just have completed school at the top of your class with Maths wizz skills and English reading excellence, but, this does not guarantee that you will complete this process with ease or with the results you expect. These tests are a little more abstract in nature and are aimed and measuring your verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning skills. These tests are designed in a particular fashion and are taken under timed conditions which add pressure to the process. In order to successfully accomplish the required results in this kind of testing procedure, you need to learn an entirely new skill set, and take a new approach to the process. Make yourself aware of the techniques you would require, and perfect them before you official test date arrives.

Healthy Mind and Body

Good all-round health is necessary if you want to achieve the results you seek. If you are tired, or lethargic, it could have damaging effects on your aptitude, ability, and intelligence test results. Always ensure that you are well-rested before undertaking your psychometric testing evaluation. If you are taking part in a number on a particular day, always ensure that you have sufficient time between each test to rest, and build up your energy levels.

Know The Questions

By becoming familiar with the types of questions you are most likely to be asked in a psychometric evaluation, you better your chances of success, and enhance your chances of taking the test in your stride, and with confidence, and a clear head. The verbal and numerical test questions are usually multiple choice in nature, and you are expected to answer these in a very limited period of time. The questions can be related to a number of different subject topics which you may not have given a second thought to. Abstract reasoning questions use shapes as the test questions, it is non-verbal. You don’t necessarily need any previous knowledge of any of the subjects in particular, but having an idea of what type of questions will be asked, and understanding the requirements when answering, will give you a head start.

Online Practice

Practise makes perfect. This rings true when referring to psychometric testing as well. Repetition is one of the best ways to improve on results produced during these tests.

By practising you allow your brain to easily identify certain questions, and automatically recall the framework by which they should be answered. Most psychometric testing these days is carried out in online format, practising this structure better prepares you for what is to come.

Time Limits, Plan Ahead

Most psychometric tests are taken under timed conditions. They are designed in such a way that only very few people ( 2%) can actually finish the test. You don’t have to finish the test to score well, and there is no differentiation between answering the hard questions and the easier questions. The trick here is to pace yourself. If you unable to answer harder questions, don’t waste time, move on to easier ones and then go back to the harder ones if you have time. If it is the kind of test where you need to answer a question in order to move to the next. Don’t waste too much time on questions you don’t know the answers to, take and educated guess, and move on to questions you know you can score well on.


If you are allowed to use a specific tool, such as a calculator, ensure that you use one that you are familiar with. You should know how to use the functions and most important, it must be functional, with charged batteries. You really don’t want this tool fading out on you half way through your test.

Increase Vocabulary Through Reading

Read whatever you can get your hands on. Increasing your vocabulary, and at the same time your general knowledge. The more easily you are able to grasp verbal reasoning and aptitude questions, the quicker you will be able to answer them, and the result will be improving results each time.

Lie or Fake Good Scale Trigger

Personality tests are tricky things. The best thing to do with these tests is to answer completely honestly. By telling even the smallest lie, you may be caught out. Don’t answer what you think is expected, answer the truth. Trying overly hard to portray yourself in a good light may reveal inconsistency in your answers, and may deem your results useless.

Eating and Exercise

Eat healthily, and exercise. These are key factors that affect you in everyday life, not just in preparation for your psychometric testing. Brain boosting foods encourage healthy cells and brain connections. Exercise promotes the flow of oxygen to the brain as they heart pumps faster and harder with exertion. Exercise is also a wonderful way to relieve stress and help you to clear your mind to face the task at hand.

You see, psychometric testing is not so daunting. Prepare for it as you would any other task, test, or evaluation. Make yourself comfortable, and feel the confidence grow within you.